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Translation Links

Yehuda Amichai, Open the Gates: Selected Poems

Liat Kaplan, 6 poems

Shmuel Shatal, 3 poems

Ilan Sheinfeld, Night of War

Sandu David, 5 poems

Zelda, When

Itzik Manger, Hagar

Itzik Manger, Vashti

Yehuda Amichai, Open the Gates: Selected Poems

Asher Reich, Selected Poems

Mordechai Geldman, Selected Poems

Naim Araidi, Selected Poems and biography

Yael Globerman Selected Poems by Selected Translators

Ben Zion Tomer, Letter from the Land of the Dead

Abba Kovner, At a Hotel

Abba Kovner, Poetics: A Spice Box

Bracha Kopstein, My Mother's Silver Candlesticks

Sabena Messeg, Selected Poems

Nazi Khir, Identity

Rony Sommek, How to Know the Age of a Horse: A Love Poem Rony Sommek, This

Rony Sommek Pomegranates

Nidaa Koury People

Joseph Mundi The Power of a Dream

Leah Rudinsky Birds Are Flying

Yossl Birstein Autobiography

Paul Celan from Halme der Nacht

Moshe Ben Shaul From the Story of January 1986

Dan Pagis Fragments of a Lament to a Friend

Raquel Chalfi All The Raquel Chalfi I Ching

Azriel Kaufman 3 Poems

Hezi Laskali Theorama

Rafi Weichert 5 Poems

Yona Wollach Lotta

Dahlia Ravikovich 5 Poems

Aryeh Sivan 5 Poems

Gad Yaacobi 3 Poems

Avraham Shlonsky The Vow

Iris Leal Do-it-yourself-Death

Elisha Porat





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